Rise Prize


The USD 1 Million Rise Prize aims to spur breakthrough innovations from India which capture the mainstream imagination. It is an enabler of disruptive change, a catalyst to bring about world beating ideas from India. The ultimate goal is to change the way we live, work and play. Disruptive scientific and technology innovations that are 'Made in India' will now be real. For more information, download this brochure.


Rise Prize So Far: On 19th September 2014, the first phase of the Rise Prize – Driverless Car Challenge and Solar Challenge, came to a conclusion to an overwhelming response. With over 670 applications from across the country, teams representing some of the finest Educational Institutions and the most promising startups have applied for the Rise Prize challenges. Out of these, 153 teams qualified for the next phase – Approach Note Phase. In this phase, teams submitted a detailed note on how they planned to build their innovation. Of these 153 teams, a further 106 qualified for the Live Presentation Phase of the Challenge, where they present their ideas to the esteemed Jury.

For the Solar Challenge, the Live Presentation Phase is now over with 27 teams having qualified for the Working Prototype Phase (Level 1). For the Driverless Car Challenge, the Live Presentations are scheduled to be held in March.


Driverless Car Challenge

Disrupting the Future of Technology and Transforming Lives.

We want to revolutionize driving on Indian roads. This innovation carries the promise of transforming our lives and addressing a range of challenges: from decreased road mortality rates and driver fatigue, to increased environmental friendliness that makes transportation more inclusive for people of all abilities –the possibilities are endless. Learn More.

Solar Challenge

Driving the Energy Revolution

India has an unparalleled opportunity to lead the global energy revolution through solar energy. The next step to drive this revolution, making rooftop solar adoption a reality through an Affordable Small-Sized DIY Rooftop Solar Kit, carries the promise of making energy available and affordable to all. From providing energy access to rural India and making solar a large-scale reality in urban India, to disrupting the way India powers itself -- the sky is the limit. Learn More


Rise Prize
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