1. What is Spark the Rise?

    Spark the Rise is a connector, a platform and a resource to catalyze world-class innovation and entrepreneurship in India. By using a collaborative approach to innovation, we bring together an ecosystem of partners to run programs, challenges, and competitions that inspire and enable the Rise of a world-class India.

    Read 6 things to know about Spark the Rise here.

  2. Why launch Spark the Rise?

    We believe that it’s time for India to achieve its potential, to realize its billion possibilities, to lead the world in enterprise and innovation, and make “Made in India” mean best in the world. When we say that it is time for India to become world-class, we mean that it is time to create a tangible shift in global perception about India—we believe that it is time for innovations, enterprises, products and brands from India to be so disruptive that they change the way the world works, lives, and plays.

  3. How is Spark the Rise evolving?

    Since our launch in 2011, Spark the Rise has been focusing on driving positive change through entrepreneurship and innovation. Here are some of our accomplishments to date:

    • ~ $1 million in funding given
    • ~ 100 grants disbursed
    • Recognition to entrepreneurs and innovators in national print and media

    And here are some of the ways in which we are evolving

    All this makes Spark the Rise much bigger and impactful and sets the stage for us to achieve even more scale.

  4. How will Spark the Rise drive disruptive, world-class enterprises and innovations from India?

    We are introducing a key section to Spark the Rise: the challenge section. These are challenges, which, if solved, could potentially change the way we live, work and play. Beginning with a Mahindra-sponsored challenge, we hope to soon be hosting challenges from our partners as well. Our aim is to present challenges that range across the innovation spectrum: from transportation and renewable energy to technology, healthcare, and beyond.

  5. What kind of programs can I find on Spark the Rise?

    You will find programs from across the innovation spectrum—from grassroots to high-tech: including challenges that push the boundaries of innovation, and funding, incubation, and support for for-profit as well as non-profit organizations.

    Spark the Rise hosts programs of all shapes and sizes because a culture of innovation can only develop if enterprises and innovations across the board are supported. To offer these programs, we have partnered with organizations who focus on a particular sector or a model, provide certain services: funders, investors,

  6. What kind of partners does Spark the Rise have?

    Our partners share the dream of making India world-class through innovation and entrepreneurship: funders, investors, incubators, accelerators, innovation champions, mentors, and more. By curating an ecosystem of partners across the innovation spectrum, from grassroots to high-tech, we aim to connect you with the right people, resources, and partners, and thus build a stronger culture of innovation.

  7. I have seen several innovation/entrepreneurship platforms in the past. How is Spark the Rise different from them?

    There are 3 key ways in which Spark the Rise is different from other platforms:

    • Spark the Rise is a means to a larger end: to see disruptive, trend setting, world-class innovations and enterprises come out of India.The programs and resources you see on Spark the Rise are the manifestation of a larger dream to see “Made in India” mean best in the world.


    • We follow a collaborative approach to innovation: we bring together programs, challenges and resources from across the innovation spectrum. Spark the Rise is the meeting place for innovation and entrepreneurship in India. This is not just a Mahindra platform, day in and day out mentors, incubators, and funders are being convened to Spark the Rise.


    • There is something for everyone on Spark the Rise, including YOU. Whether you are a funder, incubator, entrepreneur, or innovation enthusiast, Spark the Rise has something for you: funders can find the right organizations to invest in; entrepreneurs and innovators can support each others’ ventures and find capital; and enthusiasts can learn about India’s path to becoming world-class in our resources section.
    • By doing this, we hope to make Spark the Rise the no. 1 platform for entrepreneurship and innovation in India.
  8. What does Spark the Rise have to offer me?

    You want to see India in the innovation map, you believe that “Made in India” can mean best in the world, and you are passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship. Spark the Rise offers you multiple opportunities to do so: get inspired through our content, apply to programs , learn about organizations driving innovation in India, and contribute to the work of innovators and entrepreneurs (our Exchange section is coming soon!).

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    Entrepreneurs and Innovators

    If you are an entrepreneur or an innovator, Spark the Rise has a host of programs available to you in order to secure funding, incubation, and other types of support. Check out the programs available here.


    If you are an organization (hyperlink to Partners page) that supports innovators or entrepreneurs, Spark the Rise will help you reach the most committed and driven individuals who are creating world-class enterprises and innovations in the country. If you would like to inquire about hosting your program on Spark the Rise, contact us here. Or send us an email at questions@sparktherise.com.

    Entrepreneurship and Innovation Enthusiasts

    If you are interested in entrepreneurship and innovation, Spark the Rise allows you to keep your hand on the pulse of the exciting developments in India. Be sure to get inspired on Spark the Rise, and check out our Resources section to learn about the latest developments in world-class entrepreneurship and innovation in India.

  9. How does Spark the Rise work?

    There are multiple programs on offer, so make sure to take a look at our Programs page. If you are enthusiastic about entrepreneurship and innovation, stay up-to-date with the recent developments in the field by subscribing to our newsletter and following our Resource section.

    Partner organizations host programs on Spark the Rise, from funding and incubation, to mentorship and start-up services, our partners span the spectrum of the ecosystem. Once a partner hosts a program on the site, entrepreneurs and innovators are welcome to apply to them. Our partners independently run each program, and the eligibility criteria and timelines are up to them.

  10. How do I join Spark the Rise?

    Click on the Sign Up tab in the top right corner of the screen. You will be asked to fill in basic details about yourself. Once you have registered, you can opt-in to receive our newsletter and be kept in the loop about developments in the entrepreneurship and innovation space in India. Moreover, you will be able to apply to our partners programs.

Programs, Challenges & Competitions

  1. Where can I find the programs on offer?

    You can find them by visiting our Programs page here.

  2. What type of programs, challenges or competitions can I expect to find on Spark the Rise?

    You will find programs from across the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, including: early-stage funding, incubation and acceleration, start-up services, innovation challenges, and much more. The common thread among our partners is a shared vision to drive world-class entrepreneurship and innovation in India.

  3. How do I apply to a program, challenge or competition on Spark the Rise?

    In order to apply to a program, you can go to the Programs page or to the Partners page [hyperlnk to Partners page] and select the specific program you would like to apply to. In the program’s page you will be able to see the Apply button. Once you click on it, it will take you to an application form that will be directly sent to the program organizers.

  4. How are the entries to programs, challenges, and competitions evaluated?

    The partner hosting the program determines the evaluation criteria for the programs on offer. Mahindra does not have a say in selecting said criteria. Typically, you will be able to see the eligibility criteria in the specific program page (on the same page where you found the application).

  5. I applied to Spark the Rise after the Season 2 Grand Finale, and my project is pending approval. What will happen next?

    The programs available on offer on Spark the Rise have changed. Specifically, the grants that used to be available have now taken the shape of different programs hosted by both our ecosystem partners and Mahindra. The program you applied to after the Grand Finale is no longer active. However, you can choose to apply to any of the programs available on the site—be sure to visit the Programs section. We will be sending updates when new programs become available, if you would like to be in the loop, make sure to sign up for our newsletter.

  6. I can’t find my (old) project on your site—what happened to it?

    We have revamped the Spark the Rise website. This means that we are in the process of migrating our data from the previous website on to this new one. Please hang tight as we go through this process!

  7. How can my organization or I sponsor a program, challenge or competition on Spark the Rise?

    We are thrilled that you would like to host a program on Spark the Rise. Please contact us through our Contact Us page [hyperlink to Contact us page] or send us an email to questions@sparktherise.com.

Contact Us

  • Who do I contact if I need help?

    You can contact us through our Contact Us page. Or you can send us an email to questions@sparktherise.com.